San Diego Padres vs St. Louis Cardinals March 31 2011

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The St. Louis Cardinals welcoming the San Diego Padres at the Busch Stadium on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 4:15 PM ET. Albert Pujols is about to begin what could be his final season with the St. Louis Cardinals. The team expects a rousing welcome for the three-time NL MVP, even though he's playing hardball off the field.

Year 11 for Pujols, all with the Cardinals, begins on Thursday against the San Diego Padres. His first decade with the franchise is among the best in major league history, with a solid string of .300 averages with 30 home runs and 100 RBIs.

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Don't miss this action-packed match up because we all know that San Diego Padres vs St. Louis Cardinals match up is very exciting. So guys, which team will be the winner of this match?