Butler Bulldogs vs Connecticut Huskies April 4 2011

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The Butler Bulldogs will visit the Connecticut Huskies on Monday, April 4, 2011. This Butler Bulldogs vs Connecticut Huskies NCAA Basketball Finals match will kick-off 9:23 PM ET. Butler coach Brad Stevens loves an underdog, whether it's his team back in the Final Four or Connecticut making an unprecedented five-games-in-five-nights run through the Big East tournament.

Welcome to the bizarro world of college basketball in 2011 -- a sport where not only is anything possible, but where nothing quite makes sense. A sport in which the story of a small school from a small conference making a run to a title is no more rare than that of the late-season magic conjured by a power program with one of the nation's best players.

To all the fans of Butler Bulldogs and Connecticut Huskies around the world who don't have a chance to visit the stadium but don’t want to miss the live game of your favorite NCAA basketball teams you can still watch Butler Bulldogs vs Connecticut Huskies basketball match on some live streaming site online like Justin.tv, Ustream and Sopcast Channels.

Don't miss this action-packed match up because we all know that Butler Bulldogs vs Connecticut Huskies match up is very exciting. So guys, which team will be the winner of this match?