Cleveland Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks April 9 2011

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The Cleveland Cavaliers will travel to Bradley Center to play against Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, April 9, 2011 at 8:30 PM ET. The only thing that stands in the way of the Cleveland Cavaliers finishing with the NBA's worst record is matchups against three other lottery-bound teams.

On Saturday night, the Cavaliers will visit the Milwaukee Bucks, who continue a season-closing stretch without Andrew Bogut.

To all the fans of Cleveland Cavaliers and Milwaukee Bucks around the world who don't have a chance to visit the stadium but don’t want to miss the live game of your favorite NBA basketball teams you can still watch Cleveland Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks basketball match on some live streaming site online like, Ustream, Sopcast Channels and NBA League Pass.

Don't miss this action-packed match up because we all know that Cleveland Cavaliers vs Milwaukee Bucks match up is very exciting. So guys, which team will be the winner of this match?